Staying In Touch With Long Distance Loved Ones

long distance loved ones

If you have a loved one who lives hours, or oceans away—you might not stay in touch as often as you would like. With modern technology, you really have no good excuse for your lack of communication. Here’s how to stay in touch with your long distance loved ones.

Text And IM

Both text and IM can be somewhat impersonal, but when your loved one is far away—you will need to invest time in lengthier and more detailed instant communication.

Video Chat

You might not be able to hang in real life, but you can set a date to chat face-to-face over your smartphone, notebook, or computer.

Write Them A Real Letter

It’s always nice to head out to the mailbox and find a handwritten or typed card or letter waiting for you. Bonus points because it will make your long distance loved one feel extra special.

Call Them

Many of us have all but stopped using our mobile phones to actually talk on the phone, but it’s a must if you won’t be video chatting with your friend or family member.

Even if the time difference is significant, you must take advantage of the many ways mobile communication makes staying in touch easier.

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