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No Time To Cook, Try This!

no time to cook

If you want to save money and eat healthier, then eating at home is almost always your best bet. But who has time to cook? With these tips, now you do.

Become A Crockpot Queen

Crockpots are surprisingly versatile, the trick is to buy more than one. One for your main dish, and one for your side dish. This way you don’t always feel like you are eating a one-pot mish-mash. You might even want one for dessert! Head to Pinterest for some healthy and delicious meals, that you prep the night before—and pop in the crockpot before you head to work for the day. You can even do mashed potatoes in your crockpot. If not two crockpots, get a food steamer or two.

Follow One Of Rachel Ray’s Ingenious Weekly Meal Planning Schedules

Rachel Ray isn’t just the queen of 30 minute meals, but hearty and healthy meals that come with a weekly shopping list designed to cut down grocery shopping time and budget.

Cook In Advanced

Cook your weekly grains in advance, prep veggies in advance, prep crockpot meals in advance and freeze the ingredients. You can even prep a long list of casseroles and soups to defrost as needed. You might need to invest in a second freezer.

Last but not least, eat your leftovers. While you may not want to repeat two days in a row (unless you are single lol) aim to have a leftovers night once each week—which is one less meal to cook. Now time to cook? Now you do!

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