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Your Home Looks Great Until You Open A Closet Or Drawer

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You aren’t alone if you have mastered the art of making your home look spotless, until you open a cupboard, drawer or closet. While it looks like the clutter is gone, it might feel like it is still there—because it is. Here’s how to eliminate this hidden chaos.

Start Off Small

Rome wasn’t built-in a day, so don’t expect your jam-packed storage areas to start looking any better in the first hour or two. Start with one or two drawers, one closet—or one portion of a crammed closet.

Sort As You Go

You are sure to find many things you no longer need, and forgot you had. While you’re clearing everything out—put them in containers to donate, sell, toss, or keep.

Organize As You Go

Before you place your keepers back in place, invest in a few organizational tools to help keep things in order—and to maximize space. This will require you to take a stroll through Target, Walmart, or your favorite storage or home improvement store.

Lasts but not least, head online to Pinterest to look for easy and inexpensive DIY storage and organizational systems. Just keep in mind that your goal is to downsize.

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