Does Age Really Matter When Dating?

does age really matter when dating

Women who date younger men are labeled cougars, and men who date younger women are said to be going through a mid-life crisis. But at what point does age start to become less of a factor, and compatibility become the primary focus? Does age really matter when dating?

Are You Specifically Dating Someone Older Or Younger? If So, Why?

Sometimes it just happens. Two people meet, and age just isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Or when age does come to mind, it’s not the primary reason for your interest. However, some adults actively seek someone older or younger. I have a friend whose partner is 12 years older, and he prefers to date younger women because he is still quite athletic and adventurous.

How Much Time Do You Focus On Age?

Over the years, we have all met a person or two who feels younger or older than their actual age. This has a lot to do with experience and maturity. When there is an age gap, there are sure to be times when your age difference is apparent. If age is a constant topic of your time together, it might better to date someone closer to your age—or who the age difference doesn’t feel as apparent.

When it comes time to consider long-term commitment, you must also think of the difference between your retirement, and the cold truth that one of you may pass far sooner than the other. That being said, you can certainly have a fun and fulfilling relationship with someone younger or older.

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