The Perfect First Pet For Your Kids

perfect first pet

What kid doesn’t want a kitten or a puppy? Having a pet is an excellent way to teach your little ones a sense of ownership and responsibility. If you don’t already have, or no longer have pets in the house—you might be wondering what the perfect first pet is.

Gold Fish Are As Easy As It Comes

They might not do a lot, but they give your little one a friend—and require minimal care and maintenance. Feed once a day, and clean the tank as needed.


Birds are also low maintenance, as they have in-cage water and seeds. However, you will need to change the poop tray. You will also have lots of feathers to clean up, and when you let them fly free—there will inevitably be droppings in random spots. And be sure to keep all doors and windows closed when they’re flying about the house.

Other Caged Animals

Hamsters, Guinee pigs, turtles, and small lizards are also fairly easy to care for. Each requires a different commitment, so make sure you know what you need.

Cats And Dogs

Cats and dogs are high on most kid’s pet wish list, but they require the most care. If it’s your first, be prepared to pick up the slack. If you will be getting a puppy or a kitten, remember that they are cute—but have a lot of energy to spare.

There are so many indoor animals to choose from. Depending on your child’s age and maturity, the perfect first pet may vary.


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