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Let Love In

let love in

If you’ve been hurt before, you might be hesitant to let love in. For most, romantic love is the area of hurt—but you might even be wary of platonic friendships and love. Life is simply more fulfilling when you open your heart to a sincere loving flow.

Don’t Rush It

You certainly don’t have to rush love. Take your time getting to know someone, but don’t ignore it when a friendship or romantic interest is tugging at your heart strings.

Be Honest About Your Apprehensions

Sometimes new friends or potential partners give up a new relationship, because they can feel your apprehension. They can’t read your mind, so take the time to let them know you have been hurt in the past—and that you are sometimes a bit slow to warm up.

Trust Your Gut

While it is important to open your heart to love, you must also take your time and trust your gut. This can be a bit tricky when you are already hesitant to let love in, but if it truly doesn’t feel right—or someone is pushing you to open up too fast, find someone who respects your boundaries.

Love is what makes life worth living. Take baby steps, and find your handful of trusted confidants.

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