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Not All Friendships Last Forever

friendships don't always last

You are sure to have some friends who you have known forever. Since high school, college, or since you moved to your current location. While these lasting friendships are to be cherished, not all friendships last forever—and that’s ok.

Sometimes You Grow Apart

There are a million ways you can grow apart. Sometimes life simply takes one or both of you in drastically different directions. Maybe you marry well before most of your friends, and your social circle shifts. Maybe you decide to move from your small town to a big city—and your goals and priorities change. Maybe your interest shift drastically over the years.

Recognize The Change

Change is not bad, in fact change is good. Since you are already friends, it might be a while before you noticed the change or shift. If things begin to feel rocky, focus on your common ground. If the only common ground is in the past, it might be time to move on.

Moving on from a friendship doesn’t have to be “official”. Sometimes it’s appropriate to discuss your differences, and sometimes is best to just allow things to dwindle. What you don’t want to do is hang on to a friendship that was once a source of joy, but is no longer healthy. Not all friendships last forever, so make sure you continue to expand your social circle.

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