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Artificial Intelligence For Your Everyday Life

artificial intelligence for your home

Artificial intelligence is something we’ve seen dreamed about in movies since at least the 80s, but now, AI is a reality. With the introduction of Alexa, Google Assistant, and your smartphone AI, you can automate many aspects of your life. With voice response, you have only to say Alexa’s name, and she will answer your questions.

You Might Enjoy AI More Than You Think

It’s easy to think you wouldn’t use your home assistant, but most people find the entire family embraces their artificial intelligence with ease, from Googling without a computer, to inquiring about the weather and syncing your AI with your home systems to turning music and entertainment on and off, up or down.

It’s Only The Beginning

Just look at how far cellphones, laptops, and notebooks have come in the last decade. If that is any indication, we are only at the tip of what AI can do for work and play. Who knows how far it will go, but many speculate just about everything we do daily will, one day, be managed by some computerized virtual assistant.

Just as with the advances in electronic communication, we must be mindful that we don’t allow our electronic counterparts to replace the quality or frequency of real live human engagement.

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