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June 2017

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    Easy Breezy Summer BBQs

    Easy Breezy Summer BBQs

    Independence Day is near, and with the warm weather, you may be planning on hosting a few summer BBQs. While your outdoor grilling may be the perfect way to get friends and family together, it is also a lot of work. Make things easier with the tips below.

    Make It A Potluck

    Eliminate much of the stress and strain by making your summer BBQs a potluck. You can still provide the meat and do the grilling, but assign your guests to bring the rest of the meal. Keep things organized by assigning specific items to your most reliable guests, such as cups, plates, utensils, condiments, side dishes, soda, and dessert. And make it BYOB. You all can still share what you bring, but make sure everyone brings an adult beverage of their preference.

    Clean As You Go

    There are sure to be a few teens in the group, so consider asking a few of the kids to spend 10 minutes every hour cleaning as they go. This will provide them plenty of time to play and have fun, in-between zipping around cleaning up along the way. If not the kids, you are sure to have a few friends who will likely pitch in without asking.

    Last but not least, go green disposable. Disposable plates, napkins, bags, cups, and utensils are the easiest way to clean up during your summer BBQs—and you can keep things environmentally-friendly by selecting recycled or biodegradable supplies. If not all, some.

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