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Horchata—Sweet But Healthy

horchata sweet and healthy

Horchata is a traditional Spanish beverage, which is also popular in Mexico and in Spanish and Mexican restaurants around the world. It is perfect when eating spicy food, and it is refreshing on a warm day. But is horchata good for you?

Healthier Than You Think

As a health-conscious individual, you might take one sip of this sweet beverage and mistake it for a dessert. However, horchata is healthier than you might think. It’s a nut or seed milk that can also be made with rice. Although sweetened with sugar and cinnamon, the tiger nuts, melon seeds, almonds, or rice this refreshing beverage is made from are naturally sweet. This dairy-free beverage is packed full of amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins C and E.

Everything In Moderation

This creamy beverage may contain mostly unrefined sugars, but just like eating lots of fruit, you must enjoy horchata in moderation. While it isn’t as unhealthy as it might taste, one a day is enough.

Make your own horchata at home and consider adding a shot or two of espresso to keep things fun. This recipe shows you how!

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