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The Problem With Hitting Snooze

The Problem With Hitting Snooze

Whether you use a traditional alarm clock or your smartphone, hitting snooze is an easy way to avoid getting up. However, there is a problem with falling into the habit of a delayed up and at ‘em.

Hitting Snooze Once Isn’t The End Of The World

Hitting snooze once may just be a way for you to ease into your day. It gives you a few more minutes of relaxation, but also ensures you won’t accidentally fall back to sleep. Keep this snooze short, always 10 minutes or less.

The Never-Ending Snooze

If you fall into the daily habit of hitting snooze numerous times, you will inadvertently start your day with chaos and stress:

  • The more you hit snooze, the more likely you will accidentally disable your alarm altogether.
  • When you finally get up, you will be behind schedule, stressed, and in a mad rush.
  • If you hit snooze on a day when you don’t have a firm schedule, your hour or two delaying your wake up is likely to leave you less productive.
  • You start your day with lack and limitation in mind, thinking you never have enough sleep as opposed to being thankful for a good night’s rest.

Even if you aren’t a morning person, the intention in which you start your day sets the tone for the remainder of the day. If you truly have a difficult time getting up, create a morning routine. Workout, meditate, stretch, read an affirmation, or do anything that inspires and motivates you.

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