Enrich Your Life And Others With Time Banking

time banking

Many of us are searching for ways to positively contribute to the community we live in, or even on a global scale. However, you might not be sure what you can do that will really make a difference. While volunteering or donating financially to a cause you believe in is always effective, you should also consider time banking.

How Does Time Banking Work?

We all have skills or talents that others are in need of. This might be the ability to play a musical instrument, an affinity for baking, or maybe you are really good at setting up electronics. Whatever your specialty skills may be, and it can be just about any skill, there is sure to be someone who needs it—but may not be able to afford it.

So, you join an online time banking community, set up a profile and add your skills to it. When a person wants to schedule a time with you, you agree on when and where, and the amount of time that will be “banked”.

A Time Banking Example

Let’s say you teach piano, and that there is a 9-year-old girl in your community who wants piano lessons, but her family can’t afford them. They can join a time bank community, and sign up with you for one hour a week. This means you “bank” one hour a week. You can then “spend” your banked hour with other time bankers anyway you like. For example, you could sign up for a weekly yoga class, have someone tune your bike, or take a painting class.

As you can see, time banking is a wonderful way to share a skill that comes naturally to you—and in return get something money can never by—a connection with your local community.

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