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Yes, You Can Enjoy Chocolate On The Reg

enjoy chocolate on the reg

Not only do I have a sweet tooth, but I love, love, love chocolate! It’s rare a day goes by that I don’t have chocolate at least once. However, as my metabolism continues to slow, I have to be more strategic about my chocolate intake. Here’s how to enjoy chocolate on the reg without overindulging.

Eat Your Chocolate With Intention

Chocolate is to be savored, so no more mindlessly downing your favorite Ghirardelli bar while sitting at your desk. Instead, eat with intention. And for those jumbo bars of high-end choc, look at the serving size, which is often two to four per bar, not one.

Rethink Your Chocolate

Not only do I love chocolate, but I love coffee, making a mocha latte the perfect win. However, the calorie and sugar count on a med mocha is high. To enjoy the best of both worlds, cut the chocolate in half or even down to a quarter. Just ask the barista how many “pumps” of chocolate they use and reduce as you wish.

Once you master portion control and eating with intention, you can easily enjoy the chocolate you love, without the sorry. And don’t forget, dark chocolate is always the healthier choice.

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