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Could You Give The Minimalist Project 333 A Try?

A minimalist lifestyle embraces a ‘less is more’ way of living. While this is easy to do in some areas of your home, it can be tricky for your wardrobe. This is why many take a strategic approach by adopting Project 333.

What Is Project 333?

Project 333 is a challenge to commit to mixing and matching just 33 items of shoes, clothing, outerwear, and accessories, and that is all you wear for the next 90 days. The project only lasts for 90 days to account for seasonal changes, when you may need to adjust your wardrobe drastically.

Some Items Don’t Count

The 33 carefully selected items don’t include undergarments, sleep wear, workout attire, wedding ring or jewelry you wear daily, or your super casual loungewear. The 33 items are only the items you wear to work or out and about in the world. You can count out your formal wear too.

Don’t Worry, No One Will Know

The most common concern people have is that everyone will notice, but you will be shocked to find that’s not the case. As long as you mix and match and creatively layer your pieces, no one will know. Yes, they might notice you have a fav statement necklace or scarf, but odds are they won’t notice you are mixing and matching. And if they notice, does it matter?

A benefit of adopting Project 333 is forces you to focus on quality over quantity. It may even encourage you to invest in tailoring your wardrobe staples to perfection. If not 33 items, challenge yourself to pare down drastically. An alternative that minimalists adopt is to wear the same outfit every day. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Fran Lebowitz can almost always be found wearing a signature outfit. Not the exact same outfit, but they find something they love and buy it in multiples. This means they need not think about what to wear, making their morning routine easy-breezy.

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