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Turn Your Envy Into Admiration

Turn your Envy into Admiration

We are all human, and every now and then we may find ourselves feeling green with envy. We may not immediately associate our anger or judgment with jealousy, but once we do—it’s time to make a shift. Here is how to turn your envy into admiration.

Why Are You Envious?

Start by asking yourself why you are envious?

  • Do they have a material possession you desire?
  • Did they achieve something your wish you had?
  • Do they have physical features you admire?
  • Do they possess a personality trait you wish you had?

Address Your Envy Head On

Once you identify why you are envious, it’s time to do something about it. First, determine if you really want what they have or what they have achieved, or the message you believe it sends about them. Then ask yourself why you haven’t achieved the same. If it is something you can indeed put in the hard work to achieve, get to work. If it is more of a dreamlike “I wish” kind of a thing—just be happy for them. I mean, why wouldn’t you be happy for them?

Last but not least, if your jealousy or envious behavior was hurtful—sincerely apologize. The sincerely part, is important though. This means you may have to wait until your envy has fully transformed into admiration. Just don’t wait too long or the damage may be too far along to repair.

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