Are Your Cats And Dogs Ready For Summer?

cats and dogs in warm weather

The warm weather is here, meaning as the proud parent of a furbaby—you must make sure your cats and dogs are ready for the warmer months ahead.

Trim Or Shave

It’s easy for you and me to wear cooler clothing, but even with the inevitable warm weather shedding—your pets may still overheat. Invest in a specialty shed brush to help speed the shedding process. Then, take your long-haired pets in for a trim or a shave.

Make Sure Water Is Ample

Your cats and dogs require ample hydration year-round, but it’s even more important in the warmer weather. Make sure their water bowl is clean and full. Also, consider investing in a reservoir or fountain water bowl.

Shade And Outdoor Precautions

If your cat or dog lives outside, make sure they have access to ample shade—and as mentioned above, water. Remember that walking your dog on hot pavement or sand can burn their paws. Also, resist the temptation to keep your pet in the car. If you must run in for a quick minute to the gas station or grocery store, crack the windows—and keep your visit 5 minutes or less.

When it’s extremely hot outside, your pet may not have the same appetite as usual. Just make sure they are still hydrating, going number one and two, and that they are eating a fair amount of food.

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