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When Minimalism Goes Too Far

when minimalism goes too far

Embracing minimalism is exciting, empowering even. To free yourself from the trappings of the status quo—and surround yourself only with things of value. But sometimes minimalism goes too far.

Minimalism Is Not About Deprivation

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not about deprivation—for you, your partner, or your children. Instead, it is about living a life where everything you are surrounded by brings you joy. Not the immediate gratification of a purchase, but instead an “every time I look at this or use this I feel joy”. It’s about surrounding yourself with your favorite everything. For many, this means, high-quality products, clothing, and furniture.

Your Loved One’s May Not Understand, But That Is No Reason To Reject Their Kindness

One thing minimalists, especially those new to the lifestyle, struggle with—is what to do with the thoughtful souvenirs, birthday gifts, and year-round presents friends and family buy for you. The answer is simple, accept their kindness with gratitude. Don’t engage in the “are you going to keep this” conversation, and don’t lecture them on your chosen lifestyle. No, you may not keep the gift, but keep it for a bit—then regift it or donate it to someone who will see it as one of their favorites.

Last but not least, no hardcore conversion efforts. You love your minimalist lifestyle, but it’s not for everyone. Respect people for where they are, and live your life your way!

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