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Write Your Worries Away With A Worry Box

Use A Worry Box to Write Your Worries Away

We have all heard of a keeping a Gratitude Journal, where you write down 10 things you are grateful for—either daily or when stressed. But you can also create a worry box to physically and symbolically let go of your worry. This works for both kids and adults.

What Is A Worry Box?

A worry box can be a box, jar, envelope, or any type of container you use to place your worries. You can even use an electronic app. Write down what is on your mind, and slide it in the box as a way of mentally letting it go. You can do this once at the end of the day, or when stressed or anxious.

What Do You Do With Your Worries?

What you do with your worrisome written words is entirely up to you. Some people toss them, while others burn them in their fireplace. The choice is up to you, just make sure the choice is safe.

This new habit will take a few weeks to adapt to, but for many is an excellent way to minimize stress and anxiety. At some point, you may need to take positive action steps to resolve your worries, but in most cases what we worry about never comes to fruition.

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