The Most Common Culprits Of Wasted Money

Wasted Money-Where Do You Waste Most?

Who wouldn’t love a bit more room in their budget? Or a bit more money to put towards your student debt. When it comes to wasted money, Millennials, GenXers, and Baby Boomers waste their money is similar ways.

The Largest Areas Of Opportunity

Food and beverages are the largest area of opportunity for most of us. While we need to eat and drink, and dining out is often a social affair—many of us spend more than we realize on:

  • Eating out
  • Café coffee
  • Cocktails—at home or in a restaurant or bar
  • Bottled beverages
  • Overspending in the grocery store
  • Throwing out leftovers and spoiled food purchases

Surprising Areas Of Wasted Money

  • It is also important to remember that we must shop around, negotiate, and keep checking for better pricing on things like Cable, Internet, and Cell Phone Service.
  • Sometimes switching providers or bundling is the best way to go. Or, with Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime—consider if you really need expensive cable. Or at least consider if it’s cheaper to switch to Dish.
  • Do you really need every new laptop and smartphone?
  • If you smoke, consider not only the health benefits of quitting—but also how much money you will save.
  • Last but not least, with Uber, Lyft, Rideshare programs, and cheap local rentals—do you really need a car?

At the very least, add up the areas above over the next few months—and consider where you can start to shave a few dollars here and there.

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