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3 Reasons To Join A Farm Share

Join a Farm Share

Have you ever considered joining a farm share? If not, the reasons to do so are quite compelling. Some farm shares are for produce only, while others are for meats or dairy.

Support Your Local Farmers

Farmers are a cornerstone of our country. They provide us with a necessity we often take for granted. By joining a farm share, you help farmers to create a sustainable source of income. This allows them to minimize waste, turn profit, and reinvest into their farm.

It’s Ecofriendly

When you join a local farm share, you reduce your carbon footprint. The produce, meat, or dairy you buy doesn’t have to be transported cross-country or around the globe. Support an organic farmer, and you also contribute to less pesticides being spread into your local environment. As an added bonus, locally sourced food is fresher, meaning it contains more nutrients.

It’s Fun

Joining a farm share is fun. While you may have the option to order some items specifically, it allows you to try new fruits, veggies, farm fresh cheese—and even cuts of meat you may not find in your local grocer.

Last but not least, joining a share is often cheaper than buying from your local grocer. Even if you live in an urban area, you should be able to find at least a few farmers that serve your city.

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