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Could You Live In A Tiny Home?

Could You Downsize To A Tiny House

Admit it, you have found yourself captivated by the super cute mobile tiny home shows. But have you ever considered if you could live in a tiny house?

Consider A Part-Time Or Temporary Tiny Home

As you may have learned watching the many tiny house shows, is that they are often a strategic decision. For example, they are the perfect mobile house for digital nomads who like to tour the nation. They are also perfect starter homes while you pay off student debt, or save to pay for your full-sized home—in full. They are also easy and eco-friendly homes for vacation properties—which can be placed on a plot without the usual disruption to nature caused by building a home.

If Not A Tiny House, How About A Downsize

Let’s face it the narrow constraints and lack of privacy found in tiny homes isn’t for everyone. However, you may be able to live with a downsized residence. For the last 20 or 30 years, “bigger is better” has been the theme. However, the bigger your home—the more it costs to purchase and maintain. Consider decluttering your life and downsizing to a smaller home or apartment.

While it may sound daunting at first, downsizing really can simplify your life!

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