Why Millennials Should Move Out Of The House—Immediately

Millennials Should Not Live At Home

There is a growing trend of Millennials living at home longer, or moving back in with mom and dad after college. Sometimes this is a quick “till I find a job” solution, but many continue to stay at home even once they find employment. Whatever the reason may be for the extended move home, it’s time to move out of the house—immediately.

It’s Just Part Of The Process

You might not have yet landed your dream job, and may be swimming in student loan debt—but it’s time to leave the nest. Living on your own, or in a crowded apartment with roomies, is just part of the process of being truly independent. No, it won’t be easy, which is why you need to do it. Millennials already have a bad reputation for being lazy, don’t make it worse by living at home.

It’s Not All As Easy As It Looks

It is easy in our youth to fantasize about how wonderful it will be to have your own place—and it is. However, there are several life skills you won’t learn until you enter the real world. And no, your college dorm or apartment doesn’t count as the real world.

Even if you have to turn to mom and dad for the occasional bailout or words of wisdom, there is a maturity and sense of responsibility that simply can’t be developed until you move out of the house.

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