What Is An Open Relationship?

What Is An Open Relationship

If you have ever met someone who shares that they are in an open relationship, you might not be exactly sure what they are referring to. Here are some of the basics.

What Is An Open Relationship?

The decision to be in an open relationship is a decision to define clear and specific boundaries regarding the option to date or have an intimate relationship with other people. How this works exactly is dependent upon the couple. Some call themselves swingers, while others prefer the term “open.”

Is An Open Relationship Cheating?

If either person in the open relationship feels that they are being cheated on, then it is an indication that this is not the relationship model that is right for them. Those who date openly simply believe that no one person can fulfill all their needs, and both partners agree to keep their options open.

While it might seem as though this is a new phenomenon, it’s been around for hundreds of years—just more hush hush until now. Per its name, now things are out in the open. This may not be a dating or relationship option you would consider, but for many is the only option that works.

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