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How To Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

You’re not alone, if sometimes you feel out of place. Even when surrounded by loving friends and family you may have yet to feel like you have found the people you truly fit in with. Or maybe there are certain areas of your life where you don’t have anyone with common interests. Turn to the tips below to find your tribe.

Pursue Your Passions

When you sign up for a one-day seminar, college course, creative class, a club of interest, or to volunteer within a cause you are passionate about—you will meet others with the same areas of interest. No, not everyone will be your new BFF, but you will begin expanding your social circle.

Leverage Social Media And Online Networking

Between Facebook Groups, Meetup.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the variety of interest and niche websites with online forums—there is no excuse for not finding your tribe. Even if some of the connections you make are from halfway around the world, you have to start somewhere.

Once you make the commitment to finding your tribe, the law of attraction will bring them to you. You will, of course, have to take some positive action steps, and put yourself out there.

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