Spend The Day As A Local Tourist

Have Fun As A Local Tourist

I am lucky enough to travel quite frequently. When I tell people where I have lived over the years, they always respond with the places in my local area they have always wanted to visit. In many cases, I haven’t been to these spots in years—and some I’ve never been to. On the flip side, many of the locals I meet while traveling have not been to many of the tourist spots in their local area. Here are some of the local tourist spots you should spend the day exploring, instead of taking them for granted—like so many of us do.

Local Gardens And Nature Preserves

I lived in Chicago for over 10 years before actively seeking out the local community gardens and nature preserves. And I drove by an authentic Japanese garden in the Pacific Northwest at least 1,000 times before actually going in. So, Google what you’ve got nearby, and go!

Local Museums And Tourist Attractions

Many locals avoid museums and tourist attractions, because they have long lines—and are swarming with tourists. Spend a day pretending you’re a tourist too, and hit up one or two of these spots. Not only will you see and learn a few new things, but you might actually meet some people from some interesting places from around the world.

If there aren’t any nearby spots for you to be a local tourist, pull up a tourist app or travel website in search of places to visit in the near vicinity.

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