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Make Your Pancakes Healthier Without Sacrificing Taste Or Texture

healthy pancakes

If you love pancakes but are looking for a way to indulge without guilt, turn to the tips below. They allow you to make your pancakes healthier without sacrificing taste or texture.


First up, use the recipe you love—just make your pancakes a side dish instead of the main event. Think two or three mini cakes, instead of a stack full. Speaking of moderation, don’t overdo it with the syrup. Try dipping instead of pouring, as you will eat less syrup in terms of the “soaked” up syrup.

Switch Up Your Batter

Whole wheat pancakes are healthier, and surprisingly delicious. You may also find that you love buckwheat pancakes, which are also gluten-free.

Have Some Fruity Fun

Top your pancakes with fresh fruit, or sweeten them up by adding berries or bananas to the batter. Keep your cakes thin if you are cooking fruit in.


Swap whole milk for butter milk and oil for butter. Or try Martha Stewart’s applesauce pancake recipe.  No one will notice the difference in taste, but you will reduce the fat and calorie content. Or swap processed corn syrup-based syrup for real Maple syrup or a fruit compote or glaze.

These are just a handful of ways to enjoy your favorite weekend breakfast, without totally ditching your diet.

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