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Do You Assume More Than You Communicate?

Communication or Assumptions?

We live in an electronically connected day and age, where it is easy to keep up with our friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances by checking their recent social media activity. While this will give you some insights to their life, don’t mistake it for communication. And be careful of the assumptions you make with this one-way method of semi-engagement.

Social Media Inspired Fights

It’s happened to us all; a quick or humorous post is misinterpreted and it causes waves. The most extreme example of this was when a young woman excited about her trip to South Africa tweeted a snarky post directed towards friends and family who urged her not to visit a country with a higher AIDS epidemic than their own. The tweet was misinterpreted, and when she landed had been retweeted tens of thousands of times with a presumed assumption of ignorance.

Take The Time To Ask

I find myself grateful that I have friends who take the time to ask when they don’t understand a post or bit of a conversation they just heard a small snippet of. On the flipside, we have all had friends, family, and colleagues who don’t take the time to ask—and instead make assumptions based on limited information. Sometimes this gets cleared up, sometimes it never does.

We are all guilty of both of the assumption-based sources of information above, and we have all been on the receiving end of such assumptions—which is an excellent reminder of why we must take the time to ask.

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