3 Reasons You Should Date Your Best Friend

Why You Should Date Your Best Friend

Don’t get me wrong, if you are lucky enough to have a BFF who you simply can’t imagine your life without—then a boyfriend or girlfriend may only be your close second. That being said, you shouldn’t just be looking for a partner you spark with romantically, but someone who is also a true friend. Here are 3 reasons why you should date your best friend.

Because The Spark Will Eventually Fizzle

The passion in any relationship will ebb and flow, so you need to have enough common ground with the one you give your heart to—that you have something to sustain during a dry patch.

Because You Deserve A Partner

Too often we hear people speak of their love interest as being in another category of their personal relationships. We all know someone like this, and most of us have experienced this firsthand at one time or another. You know the, “I would never tell him/her that.” Or, “I would never take him/her there.” Or, “He/she can’t know that about me.” While it takes time to get there, and no maybe you will never take your boyfriend for a day at the spa together—you deserve someone you can be 100% authentic with. A true partner who loves you just the way you are.

Friendship Is The True Foundation

Last but not least, a friendship is built on things like mutual respect, openness, honesty, and communication. These are the foundation of every healthy relationship.

If you are looking for lasting love, you should date your best friend.

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