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But First, What Is Your Intention

Intention Driven Life

Pull up your calendar for the next few weeks. The goal is not to visualize how over-extended you are, but to ask yourself a question you might not often consider—what is your intention for every single commitment on your calendar? If you don’t have an intention it’s time to define one—and maybe even time to cross those unintended items off your calendar.

From Here On Out, Don’t Just Say Yes

We get asked to do a lot of things, in both our personal and professional lives. While we certainly can’t say “no” to many of our professional obligations, we can set boundaries. For example, not responding to emails or text messages after hours and on the weekends. This tendency to over-commit, not only leaves us overcommitted—but exhausted and unfulfilled. This is where the power of intention comes in.

Living A Life Of Intention Is The True Meaning Of Success

Instead of defining success by attempting to achieve the same goals and milestones as everyone else, consider living of life of intention. When you can clearly state your intention for absolutely everything you do, then you will feel more fulfilled—and personal fulfillment is the true definition of success.

If you can’t create an intention for everything you do, aim for somewhere above 90%. So, ask yourself right now, and for the rest of the day: what is your intention?

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