How To Achieve Happiness

How Can You Achieve Happiness?

Ask almost anyone what they want in life and they will tell you that they want to be happy. What most of us are missing, is the process of defining what will make us happy—and take the positive action steps to achieve happiness. Here is where to begin.

Dr. Phil’s Four Questions

Dr. Phil McGraw suggests that to achieve happiness we must ask ourselves the four questions below. Just determine:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What must I do to have it?
  3. How would I feel when I have it?
  4. So, what I really want to feel is XYZ?

Taking Ownership For Your Happiness

Your happiness is your responsibility. The questions above are about you. There is no right or wrong and no measuring stick.  The goal is to design your life in a manner that is fulfilling to you. The only person you need permission to be happy is your own.

If happiness means simplifying your life, simplify. If happiness means taking a lower paying job that you love, take the lower paying job. If happiness means making more time for a lifelong or new hobby or passion, make the time. If happiness is making a major life change when everyone else says it’s too late, make the change. Do what you need to do to achieve happiness!

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