Simplify Getting Dressed With A Capsule Wardrobe

Design Your Capsule Wardrobe

Fashionista or not, almost everyone is searching for a way to make getting dressed each day a bit easier. One of the ways to simplify getting dressed, is by creating a capsule wardrobe. The idea is to invest in timeless staples, you can mix and match together, and with on-trend fashions.

Every Capsule Wardrobe Will Be A Bit Unique

The ideal capsule wardrobe has between 24 and 30 pieces that you mix and match with seasonal and on-trend fashions. The wardrobe will vary a bit from person to person, but will include a few common essentials. Surprisingly, men and women’s wardrobe stables have quite a bit of common ground:

  1. White button down
  2. 2 to 4 solid color long or short sleeved t-shirts
  3. Well-tailored neutral suit
  4. Dark wash Demin jeans
  5. 2 pair of tailored trousers
  6. Cardigan or layering sweater
  7. Casual blazer or denim jacket
  8. Trench coat
  9. Quality botties or boots
  10. Casual athletic shoe
  11. Everyday casual shoe, or ballet flat for the ladies
  12. Neutral sandal
  13. Neutral dress shoe
  14. Stylish scarf or pashmina for the ladies
  15. Quality leather gloves

Men must then add an additional blazer, 3 to 5 ties,  and few additional button downs, either casual or work appropriate. Ladies must add an LBD, figure flattering skirt, a few tanks or sleeveless tops, and some scarves.

Mixing And Matching With What Is On Trend

Now that you have your staple pieces, you can easily mix and match your tops and bottoms with on-trend clothing and accessories. As a general rule, invest in quality capsule pieces—and try to spend less on the trendy pieces you may only wear for a season or two.

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