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5 Easy And Inexpensive Investments You Can Make In Your Health

DIY Health & Beauty

One of the reasons some of us make less than healthy decisions is because as counterproductive as it might sound, healthy products and supplies often cost more. This is, of course, debatable, because if you make healthier choices—you often spend less in recovery healthcare. Here are some easy and inexpensive investments you can make in your health today.

More Fruits And Veggies

Save money on your produce budget, and add more servings of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies to your diet by:

  • Stocking up on frozen organic veggies
  • Planting your own garden
  • Canning seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Joining a farm share

Green Cleaning, Health, And Beauty

Did you know that you can make your own environmentally-friendly cleaning, health, and beauty products? Just perform an online search to find endless recipes for anything you need. However, you can buy your own green products too. For a discount, shop Target’s Method collection—or at discount stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx

Gym-Free Workouts

Don’t get me wrong, there is value in heading to a gym or fitness studio—but if it’s not in your budget, you still have plenty of options:

  • Walk a mile or more a day
  • Subscribe to a fitness website
  • Download a fitness app
  • Do free YouTube workouts

Make just a few inexpensive investments in your health, and you will see and feel the difference in no time!

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