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Let You’re Number One Know How Much You Care

Who Is Your Number One

Who is the number one person in your life? Your BFF, sibling, parent, partner, child, or pet? No matter who they are, odds are you fall into the occasional trap of taking them for granted. Life gets busy so it’s understandable. Here’s how to make sure your favorite people know they are your number one!

Do Something Thoughtful, And Maybe Even Unexpected

Every blue moon I send my besties something just because. This could be a card, bouquet of flowers, or something I saw while out and about that made me think of them. The unexpected something doesn’t have to cost much, but will be a pleasant surprise. If not a gift or delivery, a kind gesture to lighten their load—or brighten their day.

Call Them On The Phone

In the day and age of text and FB messaging, a phone call or video chat can feel like quality one-on-one time together. This is of greater importance if the ones you love are out of state, out of the country, or traveling.

Take Time Out

Even if you see the people you love every day, such as your spouse and kids, you might not be taking the quality time out to really connect and engage. I know you’re busy, but take time out every week—better yet every day, to invest time in the relationships that make life worth living.

It won’t be perfection, but without intention, those we love may fall by the wayside.

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