How To Travel Like A Local

Travel Like A Local

One of the great things about traveling to a foreign country is getting to immerse yourself in the local culture. However, many tourists never make it outside of the tourist attractions. While those are sure to be on your list, spend at least one day just like a local.

Ask Where A Local Would Go

It is important to remember that when you ask your hotel concierge or Airbnb host for tips on where to go, they are going to tell you where tourists like to go. Sometimes, this is because they receive kickbacks or referrals—but often it is because they know where most tourists prefer to go. Simply rephrase your question, and ask where they would go.

Live Like A Local

You might only be in town for a week, but try your best to live like a local. Stay in an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Eat local cuisine, in a restaurant void of tourists. Take public transportation or collective taxis instead of renting a car—or at least take Uber so you can interact with a local. Maybe even visit a town that doesn’t attract a lot of tourists.

Last but not least, do your homework and make sure you are aware of general etiquette, and traditions so that you aren’t unintentionally disrespectful.

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