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What You Need For Your Home Gym

Must Haves For Your Home Gym

You might not have a lot of extra space in your home or apartment, but that shouldn’t keep you from having your own home workout space. No need for bulky workout machines, when you can stock your home gym with the space-saving items below.

  1. Yoga or fitness mat.
  2. Free weights or mini barbell sets.
  3. Resistance bands.
  4. Balance and twists boards.
  5. Foam roller.
  6. Pilates ring.
  7. Half or full balance ball.
  8. Mini ab apparatus—the Ab Lounge is great but requires some storage space.

Your Workout Options Are Endless

While the workout items above may sound fairly average, you can complete a variety of workouts with them. In fact, all you really need is a quality fitness mat. To help you stay motivated, join a live stream fitness class, order fitness DVDs, do YouTube workouts, or sign up for a $20 a month fitness website. Try everything from Yoga, to Pilates, aerobics, cardio, Tai Chi, Tracey Anderson Method, and more. Mix it up to keep things fun.

Stock your home gym without breaking the bank by heading to Target or Marshall’s. When you are done working out, stow your fitness items in a closet or under your bed.

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