Dating vs Relationship—Which One Do You Prefer?

Dating vs Relationship Which One?

Dating vs Relationship? Let’s be honest, not everyone is looking to be in a relationship—and some people just want to date. In fact, holding on to the hope someone will change for you, and transition from casual and no-commitment—or from monogamous commitment to open—is often where things go awry. Instead, determine what you want, and find a partner who is searching for the same.

Can You Be 100% Authentically You?

When we first start dating someone new, we are us—but us on our best behavior. You know you are heading toward relationship status when you both begin to let down your guard.

You Have The Same Goals

You don’t want to scare someone away in the first few dates by drilling them about their 5-year plan, when they want to marry, and how many kids they want to have. However, you do need to confirm that you have the same general dating and relationship goals fairly early on. If they don’t have the same goals, cut them loose—because trying to change someone only leads to disappointment.

Communication Is Equal

Are you the one who always texts or calls first? Are you the only one who engages on social media? Do you feel like trying to get anything personal out of them is a challenge? While it takes time to build a rapport, you must remember that communication is a two-way street. If they don’t reach out, only respond once you initiate, don’t respond, or have little to say—they’re just not that into you. But that’s ok! You will find someone who is.


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