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Stop Psyching Yourself Out

Get Out Of Your Head

We’ve all been there—inspired by an idea, or presented with a life changing opportunity. But then, we get in our head and instead of being excited, we talk ourselves out of it. Even if you don’t talk yourself out of it, you may begin to dread what is actually door opening for you. Here’s how to stop psyching yourself out.

The Fear And Negativity

Even if you don’t love your current situation or circumstance, you know what to expect. If your gut response is to consider all the reasons why not, just remember this is fear speaking. If you let fear win, you will never get anywhere.

The Critics

You might be optimistic and inspired by your new opportunity, but are beginning to doubt yourself as the ones you share your good news with share their opposition. You must remember two things:

#1—Even if it’s your nearest and dearest, it’s not the critics who count—it’s your life to respectfully live as you see fit.

#2—Stop sharing your big dreams with small-minded people. They are either jealous, selfish, subconsciously don’t want to see you get ahead, or are telling you what they would do in the same set of circumstances.

Break It Down

To help overcome the challenges of fear and negativity, break your new opportunity down into step-by-step chunks that will make it feel less overwhelming.

You can stop psyching yourself out. Just like you can psych yourself out, you can psych yourself in!

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