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A Modern Approach To Goal Setting

Modern Goal Setting

We are all taught the importance of goal setting from a young age. However, there are a few problems with the goal setting process we were encouraged in our youth. For starters, most of us are encouraged to set fairly similar goals—and if goals are too far out of the box, we are often discouraged. Here is a modern approach to achieving what you really want.

Make It About You

Forget the naysayers, peanut gallery, or what anyone else would do. Instead, sit down and consider what you want to achieve. To keep yourself in check, ask:

  • Why do you want to achieve your goal?
  • How will it make you feel once you have achieved your goal?
  • Is your goal for you or for someone else?

For example, if your parents want you to go to medical school or your spouse wants you to go for a promotion—the goal may be for them, not you.

Map Out Your Goal

Now that you have a goal in mind, it is time to map out a detailed action plan. Consider the mini-milestones you will need to achieve along the way, and give yourself a timeline to achieve each milestone. To ensure you can accurately measure your success, make sure that each mini-milestone is measurable. For example, I will read 5 leadership development books in the next 90 days. Your mini-milestones will provide a sense of accomplishment and something to celebrate along the way.

This modern approach to goal setting requires you to define authentic goals where the only person you have to please—is you!

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