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Bring Nature Indoors

Bring Nature Indoors

Whether you are a nature enthusiast, or you live in the city—you may be craving nature indoors. The good news is there are many easy ways to bring nature inside. From a full-on indoor sanctuary to some carefully selected elements that work with any design aesthetic.


There are so many crazy cool, and colorful plants to choose from that you can easily find one or two for each room of your home. From a living wall that doubles as a work of art, to vertical planters for small spaces, large potted plants for spacious living areas, and tiny pots sprinkled throughout. You can even use a combination of various floor, wall, and hanging planters to create an indoor green hideaway. As an added bonus, your plants will improve the air quality in your home.


From wood floors, tree stump coffee tables, wood carvings, wood furniture, and a long list of wood and bark art—your options are endless. Avoid the temptation to paint wood, and leave in its natural state. If you must, stain it in a color that still allows you to enjoy the natural grain.

Nature Art

Photography, landscape paintings, and mixed media with natural elements is another excellent way to bring nature indoors.


While they may be tamed for indoor companionship, pets are another way you can bring nature indoors. From your cat or dog, to birds, lizards, fish, and a long list of beloved family pets.

Also look on Pinterest for DIY nature art, or buy nature-inspired home accents—such as throw pillows with leaves or feathers.

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