Where To Next?

Where To Next

Not sure where to go for your next vacation? Your options are endless, but you want to make sure to select a spot that you won’t soon forget. Below are a few tips for answering the question of “where to next?”

Cross A Location Off Your Bucket List

Why wait to cross a travel destination off of your Bucket List? Between the multiple cost-savings airlines, even international travel is increasingly accessible. If you aren’t going because you want to go with someone else, consider going with a tour group.

Go Somewhere Unexpected

Let’s face it, most people want to visit the exact same 5 or 10 cities or travel destinations. While those places are all great, there is so much to see in the world! Consider traveling to somewhere off the beating path for a truly unique experience. Or, take advantage of super cheap last-minute flights and hotels to anywhere that pops up.

Return To Somewhere You Love

While I don’t suggest going to the exact same place every vacay, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with repeating somewhere you really enjoyed. For example, if you went on a Caribbean cruise and spent a magical day in Belize—head back for a full vacation.

With so many places nearby and afar to explore the question of where to next can feel overwhelming. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, feel overjoyed at your options. If you still can’t decide, place a list of 20 destinations you really want to visit into a jar, and randomly select one.

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