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Are You Prepared For A Digital Disaster?

Digital Disaster Plan

There is a lot of talk about disaster plans at home and work, most of which focus on your immediate safety. While you certainly need to ensure that your basic needs for food, water, and shelter are met—we must not forget we live in a digital world and must be digitally prepared as well!

A Secure Cloud

With tools like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox—there is no reason why you shouldn’t be scanning and saving all important photos and documents. You must also save all important projects and documents not just on your computer, but in your preferred Cloud. Next up, explore your options for added security measures.

Automatic Backups

When speaking of your place of business or your freelance business it is wise to implement some type of automatic backup system. This is ideal for items you don’t want to store electronically, such as sensitive client, business, and account information. However, with advanced Cloud security, there is an industry-compliant Cloud for almost every need.

A digital disaster could range from the loss of your laptop, to a crashed network, or natural disaster. And as you know, the loss of even some fo your material can prove disastrous. Make sure you are prepared with a sound digital disaster plan.

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