What The Heck Is A Boutique Hotel?

Why A Boutique Hotel

You have probably heard the term, but if you have yet to experience a boutique hotel—you might not be sure exactly what it is. However, that is part of the fun, because no two boutique hotels are alike.

The Independent Alternative

In an effort to differentiate themselves, and compete with major hotel brands—many independent hotels began offering boutique accommodations and amenities. The goal is to provide guests with an experience, and not just a room. Most of these hotels are small but big on personality. The amenities could include anything from themed rooms, hotels that don’t just allow—but cater to pets, green hotels, hotels in a specific design aesthetic, and amenities that are fully catered to you—such as a clean-air floor for allergy-prone guests.

Not All Independent Anymore

With the growing popularity of alternative accommodations such as boutique hotels and Airbnb, many major hotel brands are opening up small chain boutique accommodations in major cities around the world. This is great for frequent travelers because they can still earn rewards points in the chains they stay in for business. However, many travelers are more than happy to forgo their rewards for a truly unique stay in a super cool independent boutique.

Before you book your next accommodations, at least take the time to explore your boutique options.

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