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August 2017

  • When To Invest In Your Style

    Where To Spend On Your Wardrobe

    If you are someone who enjoys having a lot of variety in your wardrobe, then you may be having a challenging time managing your clothing budget. However, there is a way…

  • Modern Goal Setting
    stress work

    A Modern Approach To Goal Setting

    We are all taught the importance of goal setting from a young age. However, there are a few problems with the goal setting process we were encouraged in our youth. For…

  • Savor Each Moment

    Take Time To Savor The Moment

    Last week I took an extra day off to head to a local festival. The goal was to enjoy the food, check out the vendors, listen to some live music, and just…

  • Get Out Of Your Head
    mental health stress

    Stop Psyching Yourself Out

    We’ve all been there—inspired by an idea, or presented with a life changing opportunity. But then, we get in our head and instead of being excited, we talk ourselves out of…

  • Bad for Your Hair

    Unhealthy Habits That Are Bad For Your Hair

    When you think of the things that are bad for your hair, the first thing that comes to mind is chemical treatments, heat styling tools, and extensions. While those are certainly…

  • Travel Like A Local

    How To Travel Like A Local

    One of the great things about traveling to a foreign country is getting to immerse yourself in the local culture. However, many tourists never make it outside of the tourist attractions.…

  • Need A Fresh New Look?

    Create A Fresh New Look

    If you are feeling bored with your current style, or have an upcoming event you want to mix things up for—you might be looking for a fresh new look. With a…