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    Transitioning Your Summer Clothing Into Your Fall Wardrobe

    Summer Items For Fall Wardobe

    Fall is officially here, but in most areas, it’s not full-on chilly yet. Mornings and evenings are sure to be a bit nippy, but that doesn’t mean that you need to pack up all of your summer attire just yet. Here’s how to add summer items to your fall wardrobe.

    Layers Are The Perfect In-Between

    Layer a blazer or stylized leather jacket on top of your silk or chiffon summer blouses, a cardigan over your tank, or a casual flannel or all-day jacket over your summer t-shirts. You can even layer suitable dresses over a long sleeve thin top.

    Wear Leggings Under Your Dress

    You can also add warmer layers over your lightweight summer dresses, and leggings to keep your legs warm—or wear leggings under your summer skirt. To give summer florals a fall feel, mix up your accessories by adding an edgy belt, or textured layer.

    Bring On The Boots

    Whether speaking of your favorite booties or your mid-calf boots, fall weather is the perfect time to bring on the boots. Wear with your favorite skinny jeans, leggings, dresses and skirts—either bare-legged, or with opaque tights.


    You can also extend the life of many of your summer wardrobe staples by adding a scarf. Wear around your neck, or drape off your shoulders as a lightweight but super cute shawl.

    With the tips above many of your spring and summer wardrobe staples can become a year-round part of your wardrobe.

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