Why A Lateral Career Move May Be Better Than Moving Up

Lateral Career Move

Moving up the career ladder isn’t the only way to go. In fact, sometimes a lateral career move is the best thing you can do for your career—and your quality of life.

A Better Fit

Before you attempt to move up, ensure you are on the right path. Otherwise, your promotion will lead to even more job dissatisfaction. And when you are on the right path, a promotion is far more likely to occur with less effort.

Moving Up Isn’t For Everyone

Maybe it’s not a good time personally. Maybe you don’t want the additional responsibility. Maybe you don’t like leading a team. Don’t feel pressured to move up if it’s not really what you want.

A Chance To Do Something New

You might love the company you work for but are over your current role. This makes now the perfect time to consider learning a new skill you have always wanted to develop—or filling an open position your company has a need for. Companies like to hire and promote from within, and odds are they would rather train you to do something new than to lose you.

Instead of creating a career only for money or prestige, create a career path that is challenging yet fulfilling. It’s a win/win for all!

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