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Is Gossip Your Primary Form Of Communication?

Are You A Gossip?

I had an “aha” moment while listening to one of Louise Hay’s affirmation CDs. She mentioned that most people’s primary means of communication is gossip. I was shocked to hear her words and certainly didn’t think that included me. She explained that most of us have nothing to talk about other than gossiping about our family, friends, and colleagues—or even people we’ve never even met.

OMG, She Was Right!

Over the next few weeks, I started paying attention to the things I shared with others—and the things they shared with me. As usual, Louise was right! It took me a few weeks to really comprehend that no I wasn’t just “catching people up” with my life or our shared acquaintances because there was almost always some form of “here’s what they should do” or “here’s what you should do to help” dialogue.

Gossiping Never Helps

We all need at least one person we can confide in, but if we find ourselves sharing the same gossiping topics with just about everyone—then it can’t be considered venting. While it might feel good for you to share someone else’s life story or current circumstances and have the receiver agree with you, it is an unhealthy way to achieve confidence. The only person gossiping helps is you, and only for a moment. In most cases, it will harm the person you are judging or condemning.

You might not be a gossip, but I urge you to at least pay attention to the conversations you initiate and are on the listening end of for the next few weeks.

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