Are You Giving Your Skin The Hydration It Needs?

Your Skin Needs Hydration Too

We all know that we must provide our bodies with at least 64 ounces of hydrating fluids each day. While this hydration contributes to the health of our skin, it mostly hydrates our bodies internally. To boost your beauty, you must apply skin hydration from head to toe.

Full Body Hydration

Each day when you hop out of the shower, steam room, or bath—apply a body lotion from the neck down. Make sure it is at least SPF 15, even if it’s winter.

Your Face Requires Special Moisturizer

It might be tempting, but don’t put your body lotion on your neck or face. Your face and neck are both more sensitive, and more prone to acne and irritation. Instead, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer—and of course with SPF protection.

Hands And Lips

Don’t forget to apply lotion throughout the day to both your hands and lips. Between washing your hands, licking your lips, and exposure to the weather—you will need to take extra care. Yes, SPF is required.

Last but not least, when the weather gets warm out kick your SPF up to at least 30—and reapply every 2 to 4 hours. Also, choose lighter formulas in the warm weather and heavier in the cold. Keep your feet moisturized with lotion socks.

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