Monochrome For Your Home

Monochromatic Home Decor

Monochromatic clothing is a super-hot trend right now, but so is monochrome home décor. This is a fun way to decorate, and sticking with this trend can even make selecting your furniture and accessories easier. When selecting monochrome for your home go with neutrals and minimal pops of color.

Shades Of Your Favorite Neutral

Decorating an office or room in varying shades of gray, black, or white—or a strategic mix of the three is ultra-contemporary. It also makes decorating easier, because you will never find furniture and accessories in all the same hue.

Texture Is A Must

The key to any successful monochrome home is texture. For example, a faux-fur rug, linen arm chair, leather couch, sequin throw pillow, plush throw, textured art, and walls with a bit of shine. Your options are endless.

Don’t Shy Away From Patterns Or Prints

Choosing monochrome for your home doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce some patterns or prints. In most cases, you will do this with a focal piece, such as a piece of artwork our stand out couch—or in smaller items like your throw pillow or vase.

If you want to do a more colorful monochrome, avoid the temptation to go too bright and bold—that is unless you are doing a themed room. For example, a red room. Tone things down with small pops of color and one major focal point.

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