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Why Perfectionism Is Overrated

Perfect Is Inauthentic

Perfect—it’s the ultimate goal, right? We try to behave in a way that pleases our parents and teachers, dress a certain way, respond in a certain way, and turn in work that is perfect. But there are a few problems with perfect. Here is whey perfectionism is overrated.

Perfect Is Inauthentic

When you focus more of your time and attention on looking, acting, and “being” perfect—it is always at the expense of your true nature. In fact, it often leads to lies and deception, even to those we hold near and dear. It also means that you rarely, if ever, forge authentic connections.

The Best Things In Life Are Imperfect

If everyone and everything were perfect nothing would be unique. Not just that, you would lose the invaluable lessons that come from the mistakes you make—or the ones you make and never learn from because you invest all of your energy in trying to cover them up.

You Can Lose Yourself To Perfection

The genuinely heartbreaking thing about perfectionism, is that you will eventually lose yourself to its grip. Your life will be lived for perception, and nothing in your life will be real.

Perfectionism is overrated, so if you are surrounded by those who expect perfect—it’s time to find a new tribe.

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