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Unexpected Benefits Of Ditching Your Car

Ditching Your Car

Ditching your car may at first sound unfathomable, but talk to a few people who have already ditched their wheels and you will find that there are some exciting benefits.

You Schedule Your Time With Greater Intention

If you only have a one-day or 3-hour car rental or car share, will be running errands with your go-to Uber driver, or simply planning your car-free week—you will do so with greater intention. Don’t worry, you won’t feel limited, and will often increase your productivity.

More Money

Even by renting a car share a few days a month, taking Uber, taxis, and riding on public transportation—you are likely to spend significantly less on transportation. Not convinced? Do that math. Between car payments, gas, insurance, maintenance and repairs—you can significantly slash your transportation budget.

Improved Physical Fitness

Without a car, you will be more apt to walk the two blocks that in the past you would drive, or even bike, bicycle share, rollerblade, or skateboard to and from.

You’ll Expand Your Social Circle

From the regulars on your bus or train, to your Uber driver, or the other car-free commuters you meet along the way—you are sure to make at least a few new like-minded friends.

If ditching your car full-time isn’t an option, aim to go car-free via public transportation, carpool, or self-propelled transportation 4 days a month to drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

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